You may have a personal story to tell. Or you may wish to educate others based on your experience and know-how. But perhaps you are having trouble finding the words or organizing your work. If so, Peer Publishing Company is here to help. Ghostwriting services are best for times when it is critical you retain your own by-line and the bulk of royalties.

During the ghostwriting process, Peer Publishing Company assigns a specific author for the length of your project. You will meet for a series of interviews where the author is getting a sense of the book you want written. Once the data gathering has been completed, we will produce an outline for your review and approval. Then the writing begins. All terms and timelines are decided up front, so that you can be sure of the specific product you will receive and when. Check-in points are also scheduled to be sure the tone and voice is of your liking as the project progresses.


In a co-writing scenario, a partnership is created so that you, as storyteller, and your assigned author work together to write the book you want to produce. Co-writing services are best for times when you have limited up-front funds to dedicate to your project, you are open to sharing your by-line and a portion of the royalties, and in order to push your book to market more quickly than if you worked on your own.

Co-writing can be done where the Peer Publishing Company author is blind, or it can be done where you and the author share by-lines, while royalties are still shared in either scenario. For this type of work, by-lines and royalties are all negotiated and documented up front, ensuring a win-win for all parties involved.

Quality Products

The most important thing to know for both ghostwriting and co-writing is that you will be getting a quality product, with experienced writers telling your story or educating your intended audience.